Zzand Dinosaur Jungle



Zzand Dinosaur Jungle is a no-mess playset featuring kinetic sand, a pair of dinos, trees, and a play tray with a cover

Mix in some ROAR-some addition to your child’s playtime with the Zzand Dinosaur Jungle! This playset allows kids to sculpt and mould their plans into life such as volcanoes, mountains, case and more and then play without having to trouble mum or dad about the clean-up that’s required after a messy playtime. It even comes with its very own play tray with a cover to keep all the fun inside! 

Complete with two dinosaur figures and two tree accessories, the Zzand Dinosaur Jungle will totally be a great gift for young kinetic sand lovers and dino fans alike!


  • The Zzand Dinosaur Jungle Playset includes:
    • 1 Pack of Free-Flowing Sand
    • 2 Dinosaur Figures
    • 2 Trees
    • 1 Play Tray with a Cover
  • The free-flowing sand lets kids enjoy sculpting and playing without the mess!
  • The included play tray also doubles as storage after playtime. Simply reseal the lid to close.
  • Also available with monster trucks and construction-themed versions (each sold separately)
  • Suitable for kids from ages 6 years and older.

Motivate your young kinetic sand fan to enjoy their playtime outside their smartphones or videogames when you allow them to spend their playtime with the Zzand Dinosaur Jungle!