Zoobles Magic Mansion Spinning Playset



Zoobles Magic Mansion Spinning Playset features 1 collectible Z-Girl figure and plenty of incredible transformations.

Take kids inside the magical topsy-turvy Zoobles world! The Zoobles Magic Mansion Spinning Playset includes three different rooms, display areas and hot spots, a slide for rolling, as well as an exclusive Zoobles Z-Girl figure. Kids can stack, combine and connect the playset’s rooms in any configuration. There’s a hot tub that turns into a bed, a living room that transforms into a glam room, and a dance floor!

Zoobles Magic Mansion Spinning Playset has plenty of transformations with over 25 unique combinations for unlimited fun. Kids will find it easy to rearrange everything for repeated play. With so much fun inside, it’s a perfect toy for girls ages 5 years and up!


  • The 8-piece set includes:
    • 1 x exclusive Zoobles Z-Girlz, Stella Strutz
    • 3 x transforming rooms
    • 2 x reversible backdrops
    • 1 x table accessory
    • 1 x slide
    • 1 x instruction sheet
  • Spin the wheel to transform the room and flip furniture
  • Over 25 different combinations, so kids can customize their mansion in any way they want
  • Slide and hotspots make it possible for girls to slide their toy figure into a pop-open transformation
  • Pack Dimension: 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm x 13.54 cm, 0.60 kg
  • Cool toy for girls ages 5 years and up

Keep kids entertained with over 25 possibilities inside their Zoobles Magic Mansion Spinning Playset.