Wonder Workshop Build Brick Extensions for Dash Robot



Wonder Workshop Build Brick Extensions for Dash Robot allow kids to build blocks and bricks on top of Dash

Designed to educate kids about the basics of robotics and coding, Dash provides interactive fun that can easily fit in your child’s playtime whilst offering an open-ended learning platform. Dash is controlled via voice command or through the 5 free apps. When your child exhausts all of the included activities that comes with Dash, add the Build Brick Extensions and combine the fun of other branded bricks and blocks with Dash’s amazing ability to do whatever your child’s ‘codes’


  • The Wonder Workshop Build Brick Extensions for Dash include :
    • 4 x Build Brick Connectors to attach to Dash moving parts.
  • Snap the Brick Extensions onto Dash, and start building on top of them, your child’s imagination is the only limit.
  • Give Dash voice commands or code commands to make your brick and block creation come alive.
  • Perfect for kids who want to take their Dash robot to the next level.
  • Compatible with Dash robot (not included, each sold separately).
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

Encourage your child’s further early understanding of robotics and coding and extend their Dash Robots abilities by adding the Build Brick Extension accessory.