Wahu Surfer Dudes – Donegan Doolin



Wahu Surfer Dudes – Donegan Doolin loves cold water surfing

The first self-surfing, self-righting Surfer Dude toy, the Wahu Surfer Dudes toy surfs and boomerangs right back once thrown in the water. It has an internal ballast system that keeps the toy upright on the waves combined with the hydro-boomerang technology and unsinkable foam boards.

Wahu Surfer Dudes – Donegan Doolin is from Ireland’s surfing capital, Bundoran Beach. He is proud that he owns the world’s largest wetsuit wardrobe. He loves to surf on a cold water of Ireland and Canada. 


  • Internal ballast system to keep the surf dude upright on waves
  • Combines hydro-boomerang technology and foam boards
  • No batteries required
  • Kids can collect up to 12 little surfer dudes toys with radical board graphics. 

Collect, surf and have hours of fun with the Wahu Surfer Dudes – Donegan Doolin