Wahu Mega Pool Pack



Wahu Mega Pool Pack is full of pool summer fun

The Wahu Mega Pool Pack will be a great addition to your kids’ pool accessories. Your kids can dive underwater and collect the Stix, Rings and Streamers or swim to collect the Splatz. They can also level up the game by getting out the Grip Ball and letting it fly across the backyard.


  • The pack contains:
    • 1x Pool Grip Ball Set
    • 2x Dive Streamers
    • 2x Dive Rings
    • 4x Dive Stix
    • 6x Water Splatz
  • Diving, surface and floating pack of water fun
  • An awesome range of pool activities in one pack
  • One stop pool fun
  • Please note colours and designs may vary slightly from images.

Your kids will have hours of fun with Wahu Mega Pool Pack.