VTech Secret Safe Diary Colour



VTech Secret Safe Diary Colour will keep your secrets locked away

The VTech Secret Safe Diary Colour has been updated with cool new features, perfect for girls who want to record their lives and then keep the contents of their diary secret. The Vtech Secret Safe Diary Colour is completely electronic and includes a full keyboard and tons of activities to do whilst you think about what to write.

Features :

  • A brand new colour screen makes this version of the VTech Secret Safe Visual Diary Colour extra special.
  • Looking for something else to do? The 20 activities included like a virtual pet personal organiser and more should keep most girls amused.
  • A QWERTY keyboard and activity shortcut buttons, clock and secret drawer are additional features
  • The VTech Secret Safe Visual Diary Colour records and stores over 750 diary entries and lets kids record 50+ voice memos.
  • Suitable for 6 years old and up.

The most important feature for girls, of course, is the voice-activated function which works beautifully to keep your diary safe from your brothers and sisters. This genuine Vtech toy is made to the highest quality standards of safety.