Transformers Kingdom War For Cybertron Arcee



Transformers Kingdom War For Cybertron Arcee is a stylish action figure for your kids’ Transformers collection! 

Arcee is an Autobot who is known for her combat and gunnery skills. She is loyal to her friends and straightens things out when problems arise. Always having a reasonable attitude, she fights fiercely to protect her friends. 

This toy is part of the Beast Wars franchise under Hasbro’s Transformers Kingdom War for Cybertron Trilogy. This collectible figure will let fans enjoy the primal powers of the character in the series Beast Wars era! 


  • Transformers Kingdom War For Cybertron Arcee comes with a Golden Disk card that shows the possible destiny of a vital character. 
  • Changes into Earth sports car mode in 15 steps. 
  • Includes a blaster accessory. 
  • The toy’s backpack is removable and can be turned into a hoverboard accessory.
  • Fully articulated action figure.
  • Weighs 5.3 ounces (about 150 grams) and measures 9.49 (H) x 3.19 (W) x 6.73 (D) inches. 
  • Suitable for kids, 8 years old onwards

Get this sleek action figure for your children to add to their Transformers collection! Give the toy away as a birthday present or a reward. 

Please note: Get the other Kingdom figures to complete the Golden Disk cards to uncover all 3 possible destiny versions for each character (each sold separately and is subject to availability).