Tiny Town Hide-and-Seek Words



Help your kids improve their speech and language with the Tiny Town Hide-and-Seek Words.

Leaning can be amusing with the Tiny Town Hide-and-Seek Words. Your kids can have hours of entertainment guessing the words hidden in the pull-tab-sliders. Written with rhyming words, and created with vibrant colours, the book supports your kid’s early vocabulary development.


  • Tiny Town Hide-and-Seek Words supports Pre-School learning curriculum.
  • Collect all Tiny Town Series (each sold separately).
  • Written by Joshua George and Illustrated by Lemon Ribbon.
  • Format: Hardback with 12 pages.
  • Product dimension: 15.4 cm × 15.5 cm × 1.8 cm.
  • The book is suitable for your kids aged 3 and above.

The Tiny Town Hide-and-Seek Words helps in your kid’s language development.