This Book Just Ate My Dog



This Book Just Ate My Dog is an entertaining, interactive book that lets readers help the heroine save the day! 

When her dog got lost in the book’s gutters, Bella asked for help, but then the helpers also disappeared! Finally, deciding to check the situation on her own, Bella gives readers a chance to participate in saving the day.

Dramatic humour, short text, and beautiful cartoon illustrations make this interactive book a good read for primary readers at the end of the day.


  • An interactive picture book was written and illustrated by Richard Byrne
  • Hardback format with 32 pages of illustrations in red and blue
  • Dimensions: 25.4cm × 25.4cm × 1.3cm
  • Suitable for readers ages 5 and up 

Add This Book Just Ate My Dog to your child’s pile of quick-read books to take with you during travel or in the waiting room.