ThinkFun Tip Over Game



The ThinkFun Tip Over Game is one of ThinkFun’s logic games that requires an immense amount of your child’s problem-solving skills!

Combining a sequential movement puzzle with a spatial orientation puzzle has created the ThinkFun Tip Over Game! This highly addictive game is filled with fun just as much as it is filled with challenges that the player must solve to move the Tipper Man to the red crate. This unique game might sound easy but the solution can only be achieved with a lot of imagination combined with logic skills!


  • The ThinkFun Tip Over Game includes:
    • 40 Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert (with Solutions)
    • 1 Red Tipper Man
    • 17 Coloured Crates
    • 1 Game-Go Bag
  • Originally known as the Soma Cube.
  • This logic game is perfect for a single player.
  • Any player can learn the game easily by referring to the included instruction manual.
  • Solve the challenge to get the Tipper Man to the Red Crate!
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

Let your child fall in love with the challenging yet fun ThinkFun Tip Over Game!