ThinkFun River Crossing Game



The ThinkFun River Crossing Game is one of ThinkFun’s exciting games that requires your child’s problem-solving skills!

Prepare your child’s mind for hours of endless strategising because the ThinkFun River Crossing Game is here! This perilous game is one of ThinkFun’s best-selling strategy games. The player must make their journey home and the first step is to position the included tree stumps and magnetic planks on the board based on the pictures shown on each challenge card. The goal is to help the brave Hiker to safely make his way across the alligator and piranha-infested lagoon by strategically moving each plank between the stumps. With 4 levels of difficulty, the ThinkFun River Crossing Game will take your child into a whole new level of adventure!


  • The ThinkFun River Crossing Game includes:
    • 1 Hiker (with magnetic feet)
    • Instructions Sheet
    • 1 Game Grid
    • 5 Planks
    • 20 Tree Stumps
    • 40 Challenge Cards (with Solutions)
    • 1 Travel Bag
  • The best-selling game is perfect for 1 player.
  • Any player can learn the game easily by referring to the included instruction manual.
  • Pick a Challenge Card and place the Tree Stump pieces accordingly.
  • Make a route using the Planks to help the Hiker cross.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

Help your child practise the use of their strategic and problem-solving skills to help the Hiker cross the FINISH line in the game of ThinkFun River Crossing Game!