ThinkFun My First Rush Hour



ThinkFun My First Rush Hour is a fun children’s game of matching and identifying objects.

Rush Hour is a well-loved game, making it one of the top-selling logic fun games for more than 20 years. The My First Rush Hour aims to encourage lessons on identifying objects and matching them while teaching the concepts of logical deduction. From simple challenges, your child will be transported to more challenging ones along the way. Designed for your child’s little hands, the materials also contain vibrant colours and illustrations.

ThinkFun is dedicated to creating games, making learning enjoyable, and helping families like yours create fun moments that last a lifetime. These are the driving forces in everything that ThinkFun does; every game, brainteaser and puzzle it creates. ThinkFun loves being the spark that ignites young minds and gives children an early learning advantage.


  • ThinkFun My First Rush Hour will develop your child’s minds while having fun. It contains:
    • 1 parking lot game grid with exit ramp; 
    • 1 red hero car; 
    • 6 vehicles; 
    • 1 safety officer; 
    • 15 double-sided challenge cards; 
    • 1 instruction card
  • Approximate package dimension is 26cm x 22cm x 7cm
    • Perfect for children aged three (3) years old and above 

    Promote interactive play and learning with ThinkFun My First Rush Hour Card Game.