ThinkFun Escape The Room: Dr Gravely’s Retreat



The ThinkFun Escape The Room: Dr Gravely’s Retreat is a thrilling digital adventure

It’s 1913 and you were just lucky enough to win a free stay at Dr. Gravely’s newly improved Foxcrest Retreat. After disembarking the all-expense-paid train ride to the retreat, you begin to notice that you as well as your fellow guests have just arrived in a “health retreat” that is not what it seems. Players must carefully find clues and solve puzzles to discover the dark secret behind Dr. Gravely’s retreat. However, one must tread lightly because, in this thrilling story, the doors have shut and locked after the last guest had entered. 

This ThinkFun Escape The Room: Dr Gravely’s Retreat gives players a stealth learning experience as they put their critical reasoning and logical deduction skills to the test while following the story, solving challenges and unlocking clues to unravel the dark secret.


  • The ThinkFun Escape The Room: Dr Gravely’s Retreat includes:
    • 1 Scene Card
    • 4 Sealed Envelopes
    • Secret Items (inside the 4 sealed envelopes)
    • 1 Solution Wheel
    • 1 Instruction Manual
  • Uncover hidden objects and solve the clues to escape!
  • Visit the manufacturer’s website for re-packing instructions, music and costume recommendations for an immersive experience.
  • Perfect for 3 or more players.
  • Suitable for ages 13 years and up.

Take game night back to the year 1913 to escape the Foxcrest Retreat with a round of ThinkFun Escape The Room: Dr Gravely’s Retreat.