Things That Go Book



Let your child discover the wider world with the help of their friends from this iconic, Things That Go book! 

Let your child learn all about the wonders of things that go, some fast or slow through this book. From trucks to buses, trains and planes, your child will learn about them all within its pages. It is perfect for all kinds of learners and listeners through the inclusion of insightful illustrations and stories that assist in their learning. This book will guarantee to intrigue and fascinate even the most curious and imaginative of readers. 

Page Publications is a producer of iconic illustrated stories that blend learning and fun together! Ranging from counting numbers to learning alphabets, Page products will educate your young ones about the world outside their window, and spark their curiosity for something greater. 


  • Instils a love of learning through play and fun
  • Beautiful illustrations and captivating captions come standard
  • Suitable for ages 3+ 

Let your child express and build their love of learning with the Things that Go book from Page Publications.