The Wiggles Potty Time Doll



The Wiggles Potty Time Doll is the perfect friend to help your toddler with toilet training.

Toilet training can be challenging! Make it more fun for your little Wiggles fan with this Potty Time doll. Let Emma or Lachy encourage kids to use the toilet or potty for their wee and poos. This doll also comes with a sippy bottle and a toilet that makes a flushing sound and even plays a Wiggles song. And with the training chart, kids are encouraged to build and maintain the habit.


  • The Wiggles Potty Time Doll comes with 1 official Wiggles doll with undies, an interactive toilet, and a training chart.
  • Give the doll a drink using the sippy cup and watch it wee straight to the potty.
  • Available in either a Lachy doll or an Emma doll.
  • Dimensions (Package) 30 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm
  • Suitable for ages 3+ years

With The Wiggles Potty Time Doll, your child can have a friendly companion with toilet training.

Please note that the character is chosen randomly. Colours and styles may vary.