The T-Rex Model Book



The T-Rex Model Book welcomes your child to the world of Dinosaurs with the company of the fierce T.Rex!

Teaching your children about dinosaurs and other creatures is an opportunity to also learn about biology, evolution, and scientific thinking. Most young children are fascinated by the concept of dinosaurs. Let your children play along with T. Rex and increase their curiosity about the world around them with this T. Rex Model Book.

A child’s primary occupation is playing. Letting your children play while learning is made possible by this T. Rex Model book that offers a fun-filled story and facts about dinosaurs with vibrant illustrations that your children can enjoy as much as they want any time of the day!

This model book offers exciting activities such as pressing out the pieces and slotting them together to form the model tyrannosaur! Let your children learn while having fun as they read and join the fun activities in this board book that they can share with their friends! 


  • This T. Rex Model Book includes:
    • Facts about the famous T. Rex
    • Over 35cm-long model tyrannosaur to build
    • Vibrant illustrations
    • Colourful images
  • Product dimensions: 29.6cm x 21.0cm x 0.9cm
  • Suitable for children ages 5 years old and above

Discover the power of play as your children read through the bite-sized facts about dinosaurs included in The T-Rex Model Book.