The Optical Illusion Pack



The Optical Illusion Pack is a mesmerizing book perfect for your kids’ active mind.

The Optical Illusion Pack is a 36-page hardbound book that offers several visual illusions that will capture your kid’s imagination. It provides detailed information about the magic behind animations, camouflage techniques used by animals with over 100 various spinners, spirals, 3D glasses used that convey visual tricks.


  • The Optical Illusion Pack contains more than 100 mind-boggling illusions. The science behind each illusion is also explained.
  • Guarantees hours of learning for your kids, and it helps to encourage your kids interest in reading.
  • The book was written by Janet Sacks.
  • The format of the book is hardbound with 36 pages.
  • Product Dimension: 21.75 cm × 20.8 cm × 2.9 cm.
  • This optical illusion book is suitable for your kids aged 8 and above.

Entice your kid’s imagination and curiosity by bringing home The Optical Illusion Pack.