The Moon Explorers Model Book



The Moon Explorers Model Book is your child’s companion to an out-of-this-world space adventure!

Introducing space, planets, and the moon captures your child’s imagination and teaches them to look after the Planet. Let your children learn humility while gaining a connection with the universe with this moon explorers model book that they will enjoy any time of the day!

Prioritize free-screen play with your children as you assist them in building the two models that come along in this activity and book in just one kit! This book offers vibrant illustrations and facts about the moon, planets, and outer space.  

Engage your children in fun-filled and education books where they can create a bond with families and friends. 


  • The Moon Explorers Model Book includes:
    • Two models to build; Astronaut and the moon Buggy vehicle used to explore the moon
    • Easy to read facts about the moon, planets, and outer space
    • Vibrant illustrations
    • Sturdy board book
  • Enhances fine motor skills 
  • Product dimensions: 21.0cm x 29.7cm x 2.2cm
  • Recommended age: Children ages 4 years old and above

Enhance hand-eye coordination and other essential skills as you assist your children in building the two models. Let your child explore outer space as they join the moon explorers in this fun-filled and educational The Moon Explorers Model Book.