The Lab Times Table Bandz



The Lab Times Table Bandz will make learning about multiplication fun for young learners!

If your child is struggling with their multiplication and seems to struggle to be motivated to learn then The Lab Times Table Bandz might be able to help! It includes 12 brightly coloured bands that each comes printed with the multiplication table from 1 to 12 to reward your child for each successful answer that they give. Each look from the Bandz will remind them of their hard-earned lesson and inspire them to keep remembering until it’s engraved in their young mind to pull-out whenever a situation calls for it!


  • The Lab Times Table Bandz comes with 12 multiplication tabler-printed skinny bands.
  • When your child reaches 11, they are rewarded with the silver-coloured band.
  • Finally, when they reach 12, they are rewarded with the gold-coloured band!
  • Promotes maths and colour association.
  • Product Dimensions: 11.2cm × 6.5cm × 6.5cm
  • Suitable for ages 5 years and up.

Encourage your child to look forward to multiplication by helping them learn with The Lab Times Table Bandz!