The Great Outdoors Bag



The Great Outdoors Bag is your child’s perfect companion for adventures in storytime!

Picture books introduce children to channel their inner love for art in a way that illustrations enhance the story and emotions. Let your children connect what they observe and spark conversations as you help them understand stories and pictures better with this educational book that they will love to read any time of the day!

Children enjoy the concept of outdoor activities where they learn in fun ways. This boxed set of stories offer 10-different outdoor activities through the picture books that speak and touch your child’s heart. These books can be your child’s perfect companion in storytime!

Prioritize free-screen play with your children as you get out and about with outdoor activities such as camping, farming, and sailing! 


  • This boxed set includes:
    • 10-picture books
    • Colourful images
    • Well-crafted illustrations
    • Easy to read texts
    • Engaging stories
  • This product measures: 25.0cm x 22.0cm x 2.5cm
  • Suitable for children ages 3 years old and above

Discover all of the fun outdoors with this picture book bundle that is perfect for any little adventurers at storytime! Spark conversations and build connections with your children as you accompany them while reading different fun-filled stories included in this The Great Outdoors Bag.