The Creative Writing Journal



The Creative Writing Journal is an encouraging book to bring out the hidden writer to every child or adult.

They say that each person has a story to tell, or that a book is inside every individual’s mind. However, the task of putting it on paper or a computer may seem impossible, especially for a beginner. The Creative Writing Journal is here to help tickle your creative juices for them to stream continuously.

A child who’s having challenges in writing what they have in mind may find the answers to their problems in this book. This will help emancipate their creativity and imagination so that they can use it freely without shackles that keep the ideas from flowing. 


  • The Creative Writing Journal is a perfect gift for aspiring writers and those who need a hand in getting started.
  • Contains 25 exercises that will spark ideas and help discover your chid’s writing style
  • Excellent technical tips for constructing content, establishing style and more
  • Includes some lessons on how to conduct research and explore the world for inspirations
  • Enumerates the basic rules of writing
  • Measures: 17.53cm x 1.52cm x 21.34cm
  • Suitable for 12 years old to adult.

The Creative Writing Journal is an enriching content that unleashes your child’s creative mind.