The Burptionary by Andy Jones



The Burptionary by Andy Jones brings your kids on a journey about burps and a whole lot more.

This Combining learning and comedy is natural for Andy Jones, and The Burptionary by Andy Jones is living proof of it. He can take your kids into a journey teaching them about the digestive tract while adding humour along the way.

He answers questions like “Which planet in our solar system burps?”, “What is the world record for the longest blech?”, “Why burping bubba is good for the baby?” and a whole lot more. Each page is also painted with stunning and colourful characters that can help to burp and blech some more.


  • Guarantees hours of reading time for your kids without the use of gadgets, mobile phones or tablets.
  • The book encourages your young ones to have a healthy appetite in reading, and it also helps in developing their reading comprehension skills.
  • Parents and guardians can read along with their kids, thus allowing them to have quality time with their young ones.
  • The book was written by Andy Jones.
  • The format of the book is paperback with 272 pages.
  • Product Dimension: 21.1 cm × 13.7 cm × 2.1 cm.
  • This informative and hilarious book is suitable for kids 5 years of age and above.

Give the gift of learning and fun to your kids with The Burptionary by Andy Jones.