The ABC Book of Animals



The ABC Book of Animals is a 30-paged hardback book that features fascinating information about different animals – from fins to wings!

The ABC Book of Animals provides information from how each animal sleeps to surrounding noises to their movement and even their type of skin. Driven to help in expanding your kid’s knowledge about the wonderful world of the animal kingdom.

The book was inspired by the natural world where animals live. From the fins of the penguins to the wings of the owl, the tail of a crocodile and so much more. Each description was written in a nursery rhyme form to encourage your kids to read and help them absorb information easily. Parents and guardians can read along with the kids, as they can both explore the beauty of nature’s creation.


  • The ABC Book of Animals contains 30 colourful and well-illustrated pages in a hardback book format.
  • Each page of the book is filled with colourful illustrations of animals from different corners of the world.
  • The authors wrote each description in a nursery rhyme format, to encourage not only your kids interest in reading but to encourage their reading comprehension.
  • The book was written by Helen Martin, Judith Simpson and Anne Bowan.
  • Collect all The ABC Book Of series (each sold separately).
  • The format of the book is hardback with 30 pages.
  • Product Dimension: 23.2 cm × 29.2 cm × 0.8 cm.
  • This educational book is suitable for kids 5 years of age and above.

Open the pages of knowledge for your kids with The ABC Book of Animals.