Sylvanian Families School Lunch Set



Add the Sylvanian Families – School Lunch Set to your Sylvanian Families Collection

The School Lunch Set is a terrific addition to your Sylvanian School collection, the students of the Sylvanian school are lucky to have their lunch cooked and served by Andromeda Bear who is exceptionally good at preparing healthy but tasty lunches for Sylvanian children.

Features :

  • This super cute set contains everything you need to help Andromeda Bear serve a yummy lunch to the Sylvanian school children.
  • Andromeda sometimes like to serve lunch outside so the 2 sturdy tables are included in this set allow her to move lunch inside or out depending on the weather.
  • The set also includes 
    • Stew pot
    • Tableware for 6 students including plates and cutlery
    • Milk for 6 students
    • Omelets for 6 students
    • 2 sturdy tables
    • Andromeda Bear figure.

Have a great time serving lunch in Sylvania with the Sylvanian Families – School Lunch Set.