Sylvanian Families Pushchair



Sylvanian Families Pushchair is just right for your Sylvanian baby

The Sylvanian Families Pushchair is a fun addition for your Sylvanian collection, this super cute baby pram will fit your Sylvanian baby in comfort so they can be pushed for a play in the park or shopping at the Sylvanian Families bakery.

Features :

  • A super cute red polka dot design on the chair and sun umbrella make this a gorgeous addition to your collection.
  • Pop your baby into the pushchair and wheel them down to the park or the shops.
  • Please note figures are not included in this set.
  • Suitable for children age 3 and up

Buy the Sylvanian Families Pushchair and have your Sylvanian Families baby safe and comfortable as they sit in the pushchair.