Supersonic Fliers



Supersonic Fliers are made for your kids who are aviation enthusiast and pilot aspirants.

The Supersonic Fliers contains remarkable paper planes for kids to shape and fly. Childhood is not complete without creating and flying stunning plane designs whether they are inside the house or out in the backyard. These innovative and imaginative paper planes will take your kids to other places in a split second. All they need to do is follow the designs provided or build their own. It will bring out the artistic and imaginative side of the kids. Play with friends and family, and together you can fly and dream high.

Supersonic Fliers are made of fantastic paper planes easy-to-make and a perfect way to build a deep bond with family and friends. With its portable and convenient sizes, kids can play whether they are at school or home. 


  • The Supersonic Fliers has 10 pages. 
  • Contains13 ready-to-make paper planes to construct and fly.
  • The Package Dimensions is 28.05 × 21.6 × 0.4 cm.
  • The estimated shipping weight is 0.179 kg.
  • It is recommended for ages 5 years old and up.

Bring out your kids pilot within and let them fly with these Supersonic Fliers.