Sticker Stencil House



Sticker Stencil House contains over 500 stickers of pets, people, furniture and house fixtures in a 31-page interactive book.

Every child has a wild imagination and Sticker Stencil House is a great way to encourage it. Filled with over 500 stickers of people, pets, furniture, and a lot more, your kids can use it to decorate each page. Each of the 31 pages of this interactive book is filled with colourful designs ranging from a castle to island villa to a French country house to a Spanish colonial home. Your kids can use the stickers to design each of those handcrafted pages and the best part is they will use their imagination to complete a masterpiece of their own.


  • With over 500 stickers of pets, people, furniture and a whole lot more, your kids will have a lot of option to chose from once they start to design each page of this activity book.
  • Guarantees hours of playtime for your kids without the use of gadgets, mobile phones or tablets.
  • Encourage your kids creativity and imagination.
  • Each page is filled with creative designs and painted with stunning and vibrant colours.
  • The book was written by Elizabeth Golding.
  • Collect all Create Your Own World series (each sold separately).
  • The format of the book is hardbound with 31 pages.
  • Product Dimension: 28.7 cm × 23 cm × 2 cm.
  • This activity book is suitable for your kids aged 3 and above.

Bring home the Sticker Stencil House and watch as your kid’s imagination soar high right before your eyes.