Sticker History Vikings Sticker Book



Sticker History Vikings Sticker Book is a fantastic book that depicts expressive characters that your kids will love.

The Vikings Sticker Book has impressive graphics of expressive, humorous Viking characters of ancient time that will make your kid’s creative mind imagine these warriors come to life. It has over 150 historical facts, action-packed with exciting land and sea adventures, high loads of beautiful vocabulary words for your kid’s imaginary playtime. The book can be a great addition to your kid’s fictional book collection. Join them as they explore the land and seas’. 

It was written by a famous children’s book author Joshua George and published by Top That Publishing Ltd on June 1, 2015. Perfect for birthday gift, holiday gift, and even for bedtime stories for your little bookworms and adventurers.


  • The Vikings History Sticker Book is a fun-filled book that has 
    • 32 pages, with
    • 3 pages of stickers
  • Author: Joshua George
  • Publisher: Top That Publishing Ltd
  • Published: 2015-06-01
  • The book dimension is approximately 27.94cm x 21.59cm x 0.635cm.
  • Suitable for kids, 5 years old onwards.

Encourage your kids to read at an early age. Join them as they play and imagine to be a great warrior with Sticker History Vikings Sticker Book.