Star Wars Vintage Collection The Child Figure



Star Wars Vintage Collection The Child Figure comes with a hover pram that can be used for display.

The Child is one of the most favourite characters in Star Wars The Mandalorian. This mysterious alien is often chased by bounty hunters, as commanded by some members of the Imperial. He is under the protection of a tight-lipped bounty hunter.

Star Wars Vintage Collection The Child Figure features premium details and design from the character’s costume to its accessories. Its packaging is also inspired by the original line, highlighting the early Kenner branding.


  • This set includes 1 figure and 2 accessories, including a hover pram that works as its display or vehicle.
  • Vintage-inspired packaging with early branding
  • This Star Wars figure measures 9.5cm tall
  • The Child figure is based on the Star Wars live Action TV Series The Mandalorian
  • Impressive details with articulated parts make it great for display
  • 5 points of articulation for mind-blowing poses
  • Suitable for collectors ages 4+ years

Complete your little fan’s collection of Star Wars Characters and Vehicles with The Vintage Collection The Child Figure.