Star Wars The Black Series Luke Skywalker Toy Figure



Star Wars BL Greatest Hits – Luke Hoth is an essential action figure to collect by Star Wars fans like your children! 

Luke Skywalker was a living legend and one of the greatest Jedi in the history of Star Wars! Together with his sister Princess Leia Organa and General Han Solo, the Jedi Master helped defeat the Galactic Empire and brought back freedom and independence in the galaxy. 

This particular action figure shows Luke in an outfit while on patrol in the wilderness of Hoth, an ice and snow planet. A wild creature captured and hung him upside down in its cave. He used his Force power to flee. 


  • Ideal for ages 4 and up. 
  • The lifelike toy figure can be operated into several poses. 
  • The figure is inspired by the character in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Weighs 3.88 ounces (about 110 grams).

Get this top-notch toy to swap with fellow fans, give it as a gift or increase your classic collection of Star Wars characters!

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Please note: The small parts included with the toy figure can be choking hazards to children 3 years and below.