Star Wars The Black Series Koska Reeves Figure



Star Wars The Black Series Koska Reeves Toy Figure delights little Star Wars fans who want to complete their action figures collection!

Get ready for battle with Koska Reeves, as she is known to master hand-to-hand combat. The Star Wars The Black Series Koska Reeves features this dynamic character in her iconic battle stances as little kids recreate epic scenes from the Star Wars galaxy.

Hailing from the Mandalorians Clan Kryze and Nite Owls, Koska Reeves was on the moon of Trask and helped steal an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser with Bo-Katan. Invite kids to an action-packed playtime with the Star Wars The Black Series Koska Reeves.


  • Star Wars The Black Series Hovertank Driver
  • is a realistic toy figure that can be manipulated into many poses.
  • The 15-cm-scale toy figure offers photoreal deco and a high-quality design.
  • The toy figure is inspired by the character in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Weighs approximately 110 grams
  • Suitable for kids, 4 years old onwards

Get this awesome action figure to share with fellow enthusiasts, give it as a gift or improve your classic collection of favourite Star Wars characters!