Spirit Untamed Brown Speckled Foal



Spirit Untamed Brown Speckled Foal is a 5-inch figure in a lively pose and a dark colour with light spots for more storytelling fun!

Allow your child to jump and race along the fun adventures brought by the DreamWorks’ animated film with the Spirit Untamed Brown Speckled Foal! Standing at 5-inches in height, this beautiful foal comes with a dark brown-coloured coat with distinguishable lighter spots and a black-coloured mane. It comes with a fun pose for playtime and displays.


  • The Spirit Untamed Brown Speckled Foalal comes in a dark brown colour with distinguishable lighter spots and a black-coloured mane.
  • Inspired by DreamWorks’ animated film, Spirit Untamed.
  • Stands at 5-inches (12.7cm) in height.
  • Also available in other character designs (each sold separately).
  • Suitable for kids, ages 3 years and older.

Support your young equestrian’s love for DreamWorks’ Spirit Untamed animated film when you let allow them to add the Spirit Untamed Brown Speckled Foal to their collection and playtime fun!