Spin N Sprinkle Water Lab



Spin N Sprinkle Water Lab is a bath time activity centre that teaches cause and effect.

Make bath time a fun learning experience with the Spin N Sprinkle Water Lab. This transparent water activity centre is designed for hours of fun with its endless stream of water! It’s also easy to use: start the water flow, and then show your child how to turn on the spout by pressing the googles.

The Spin N Sprinkle Water Lab teaches kids cause and effect. Kids can swap or nest different tumblers to see different results in the water flow. It also provides sensory training, and independent play as kids explore the concepts of full and empty, floating, and sinking, and more. As kids discover different results when they stack tumblers, swivel the controls or spill water, they earn to become more confident and develop their investigative thinking.


  • Package includes: 1 x  Spin ‘N’ Sprinkle Water Lab. It comes with 2 cool lab accessories:
    • A test tube container with volume marks
    • A detachable funner for filling, pouring and playing.
  • STEM-based toy – geared towards learning, curiosity, and education.
  • Transparency enables children to see the mechanisms that spin, spray & sprinkle to create a chain reaction of water effects: Pour water right into the funnel to spin gauge and create water sprays.
  • Pour water into the face to roll eyes, generate a stream and spin the propeller.
  • Includes test tube water container.
  • Attaches to the tub with suction cups.
  • Colours may vary.
  • Suitable for children ages 1 year onwards.

Foster your child’s natural curiosity and promote hands-on learning through water play toys such as the Spin’ N’ Sprinkle Water Lab.

Note: Change of Mind return clause do NOT apply to this product due to baby & mother Health and Safety issue.

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