So Magic Large Terrarium Kit



So Magic Large Terrarium Kit let’s kids grown their own crystal tree in a fun magical terrarium

The So Magic Large Terrarium Kit is a great way to introduce your kids to crystal growing as well as the scientific principals behind how crystals grow in a fun and magical way. The So Magic Large Terrarium Kit comes in three designs, Under the Sea, Rainbow and Desert all of which allow kids to grow their own crystal tree.

Features :

    • Kids can grow their own awesome crystal trees in Under the Sea, Rainbow or Desert designs.
    • Each design is a surprise, so you can’t pick a colour.
    • Each So Magic Large Terrarium Kit includes :
      • 1 Large terrarium
      • 1 bag of growing powder
      • 4 Bags of colored sand
      • 1 Bag of colored stones
      • 2 figurines
      • 1 Magic Crystal Tree
    • All kids need to do to grow their crystal tree is sprinke the growing powder on the branches, add water and wait as their tree grows overnight.
    • Decorate your Terrarium with the included coloured sand and fun figurines.

The So Magic Large Terrarium Kit is an awesome crystal growing playset for kids from 8 years old.