Sixes And Sevens Storybook



Sixes and Sevens book will make counting fun and exciting. 

Who says math and counting are boring subjects? With the Six and Sevens picture storybooks, counting couldn’t be more exciting. This quirky storybook is perfectly illustrated by master illustrator, Quentin Blake and written to tell the story of Barnaby as he sets off to Limber Lea, collecting a number of passengers along the way. Question is, will he successfully reach his destination without mishaps along with his unlikely passengers? 

Sixes And Sevens Storybook is a fantastic learning material structured by renowned writers and illustrators. It aims to promote the love of reading and learning amongst children. The book comes in formats that are perfect for little hands. 


  • Sixes And Sevens Storybook is a great way to introduce counting to your little one. 
  • With vivid colours and amazing illustrations to keep your child interested for hours. 
  • Written by John Yeoman and published by Andersen Press
  • In paperback format
  • Product dimension is 23 x 27 x 0.3cm.
  • Recommended for children aged 3 to 5 years old

Teach your child to love math at an early age with Sixes and Seven Picture Storybooks.