Siku John Deere Tractor with Tipping Trailer 1:50 scale



A must-have model for every farmer, the Siku John Deere Tractor with 2 wheel tippable trailer

Your young farmer will love the versatility of this phenomenal 1:50 scale metal John Deere Tractor and the heavy duty side tipping trailer that is super handy for moving animals around the farm, carting produce to market or just heavy jobs that need to be moved..

Whether the farmer is hauling hay for the animals or carting produce to market, the genuine 2 axle livestock trailer makes light work of every load and the powerful John Deere Tractor will have no trouble pulling even the heaviest loads. The side tipping trailer is very handy for large loads on the farm.

Features : 

  • A genuine 1:50 scale model of John Deere tractor and 2 axle trailer.
  • Strong sturdy metal construction for all but the smallest parts.
  • Suitable for ages 3 plus.
  • Genuine rubber tyres for lifelike tyre tracks.

No matter the size of the farm, you will get the tough jobs done with a quality John Deere model tractor with 2 wheel tippable trailer.