Science To The Max All Season Snowman Kit



Science To The Max Frozen Science is a STEM-based kit that lets kids create their own instant faux snow and mould it into a frosty snowman!

Let your child enjoy creating their own winter wonderland with the Science To The Max All Season Snowman Kit! This STEM-based kit lets kids create their very own faux snow using the provided science equipment without having to stir. Simply add water and watch as the snow powder erupts in mere seconds! Kids can then enjoy moulding the white fluffy snow-like substance (that’s also cold to the touch!) into an adorable snowman using the included moulds.  

Complete with an instruction booklet that kids can use as a guide when conducting their icy experiments, a measuring scoop to make sure that the formula is just right plus snowman accessories, the Science To The Max All Season Snowman Kit will surely be a fantastic gift to kids who love science and have a knack for experiments at home!


  • The Science To The Max All Season Snowman Kit is a STEM-based science kit that includes:
    • 30g Snow Poder
    • 1 Small Mould
    • 1 Medium Mould
    • 1 Large Mould
    • 1 Blue Measuring Cup
    • 1 Plastic Hat
    • 1 Pair of Eyes
    • 1 Nose
    • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • Kids can use the included material whilst following the instructions booklet and make their own artificial ice then mould it into a snowman.
  • The booklet also explains the science behind each experiment.
  • Discover the science and fun behind snow-making through fun experiments.
  • Helps children learn science using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) concept.
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5cm × 13cm × 5.5cm
  • Suitable for kids from ages 4 years and older.

Transform science into an interesting and fun activity by letting your child create their own artificial snow then make a snowman out of it with the Science To The Max All Season Snowman Kit!