Science Hacks by Colin Barras



Discover ingenious ways to understand and remember critical scientific theories with Science Hacks by Colin Barras. 

Understand the fascinating ideas behind science’s most significant discoveries and theories with Science Hacks by Colin Barras – no Ph.D. required! Part of the Hacks series, this book will show you practical techniques for understanding and, most importantly, remembering 100 of the most essential and exciting theories from throughout the ages.


  • Covers topics and fields as:
    • Particle physics
    • Evolutionary Biology
    • Genetics
    • Medicine
    • Chemistry
    • Ecology
  • Each topic starts with a helicopter overview, followed by core elements of the theory, and a one-liner hack to help you remember.
  • Written by Dr. Colin Barras, a science writer who has written for numerous publications worldwide
  • Paperback version; 208 pages
  • Dimensions: 22.5cm × 17.8cm × 2.1cm
  • Recommended for 14 years & up

Read Science Hacks by Colin Barras and impress your friends by remembering even the most complex of all theories.