Schleich Wild Life Hammerhead Shark Toy Figure



Make your child’s underwater collection come to life with this prominent Schleich Wild Life Hammerhead Shark Toy Figure.

The Hammerhead Shark, as its name implies, has a head shaped like a hammer for improved vision. As clearly seen in this authentic Schleich toy figure, this underwater creature also has eyes located on the outside left and right of its head to give it a 360-degree view. A terrifying predator, it can sense the electromagnetic signals of its prey with its broad snout.

While you’d never want to get close to a Hammerhead Shark, you’ll be able to see its features up close through this realistic miniature. The Schleich Hammerhead Shark highlights the creatures distinctive head shape, grey skin and multiple fins for a true-to-life replica of this impressive beast.


  • Schleich Hammerhead Shark is authentically detailed and suitable for hours of imaginative play.
  • Uses the power of imagination to develop the creativity that kids can use until adulthood
  • Made of safe and durable materials that meet or exceed international toy safety standards
  • Expand the ocean fun with Schleich Great White Shark and Baby Killer Whale (both sold separately)
  • Suitable for collectors 3+ years
  • Figure measures 15.5 x 6.7 x 5.7 cm

Teach kids the fantastic underwater life with realistic toy models such as the Schleich Wild Life Hammerhead Shark Toy Figure.