Schleich Farm World Braunvieh Cow Figure



The Schleich Farm World Braunvieh Cow Figure will moo its way to your collection

Inspired by its real-life counterpart, this horned Schleich Braunvieh Cow Figure stands to show off its greyish coat. Braunvieh Cows were originally from Switzerland in the Alpine region and are known to be one of the oldest pure breeds. They have been bred across the United States of America and have coats that change according to the climate, making them really adaptable.

With a muscular but graceful build, the Schleich Braunvieh Cow Figure will make a fantastic new addition to your animal or cattle figure collection.


  • The Schleich Farm World Braunvieh Cow Figure is hand-painted with amazing details and is made from durable plastic.
  • Non-articulated.
  • Perfect for displays, collections and pretend play.
  • Collect other Schleich cow breeds and accessories to have your very own herd for extended fun (each sold separately).
  • Product Dimensions: 13cm x 3.8cm x 7.8cm
  • Suitable for 3 years and up.

Add one of the world’s oldest cow breeds to your cattle figure collection with the Schleich Braunvieh Cow Figure.