Schleich Farm World Black Forest Mare Toy Figure



Schleich Farm World’s Black Forest Mare Toy Figure is a majestic model of the German horse known for her luscious hair and chestnut coat.

The Black Forest Mare is easy to spot with their long flaxen hair, beautiful forehead tuft, and contrasting dark chestnut coat. Regal with a mild temperament, these horses are perfect for novice horse owners. They are also known for their superb strength which makes them handy assistants in various forestry tasks.

Schleich introduces in the endangered breed in their Farm Life Collection. With careful attention to detail, they were able to replicate the splendid mane and dark coat of the Black Forest Mare in this realistic-looking toy figurine. Use it on its own or expand the fun with other horse breeds from Schleich’s Farm World set.


  • The Black Forest Mare toy figure from Schleich highlights the breeds full golden hair that pops against their dark brown coat.
  • Encourages farm life to roleplay while learning about different animals
  • Uses the power of imagination to develop the creativity that kids can use until adulthood
  • Made of safe and durable materials that meet or exceed international toy safety standards
  • Expand the fun with other Schleich horse figures such as the Arabian Mare, Black Forest Foal, and Arabian Stallion
  • Perfect for horse lovers ages 3+ years
  • Dimensions: 3 x 12.5 x 12 cm

Surprise your young horse collector with a new Schleich Farm World Black Forest Mare Toy Figure.