Schleich Eldrador Fire Eagle Toy Figure



Round up your child’s collection of Eldrador creatures and introduce the battle-ready Schleich Eldrador Fire Eagle Toy Figure from Lava World.

Get a fierce creature from the sky to complete your child’s team of Fire Warriors. The Fire Eagle toy figure has movable wings, and is perfect for soaring up in the air, or diving to the ground when it sees an enemy enter the lair! With razor-sharp eyes, nothing can escape its vision. And its claws are always ready to grip anyone who dares enter the Lava World.

Schleich’s Eldrador Creatures collection gathers animal warriors from different realms such as Lava, Stone, Water and Ice World for thrilling, action-packed fun.
Each figure is crafted with careful attention to detail to deliver the best roleplaying experience possible. Fire Eagle has movable wings so kids can have the flexibility to create different poses for the character.


  • Schleich Fire Eagle is crafted with close attention to detail and intricately painted to offer educational value even on playtime.
  • Created for imaginative pretend play as a single set or as part of other Schleich collections
  • Made with high-quality materials that pass international safety standards
  • Expand the battle with other creatures such as the Lava Dragon and Fire Bull.
  • Suitable for kids ages 7+ years
  • Dimensions (Figure): 15.2 x 22.4 x 16.7 cm

Open up a new world of possibilities to kids with mighty Eldrador creatures such as the Schleich Eldrador Fire Eagle Toy Figure.