Schleich Bayala Eyela Riding on Golden Unicorn Toy Figures



The Schleich Bayala Eyela Riding on Golden Unicorn Toy Figures welcome children to the magical forests of Bayala where they’ll meet friendly make-believe creatures.

In the forests of Bayala, there’s a princess who loves riding her golden unicorn. Now with your child’s help, she can have many extraordinary adventures. Designed for countless hours of fun, this set includes Princess Eyela, her golden unicorn, a saddle, and a wand.

Bring the magic to your home with toys that spark the imagination. The Schleich Eyela riding on golden unicorn figure is detailed and realistic, it will make a valuable addition to any set. Magnets provide a secure hold to the saddle, so it won’t fall easily no matter how eager your child plays. The princess figure also has movable arms to accommodate different kinds of poses on the horse.


  • Schleich Bayala Eyela Riding on Golden Unicorn is a 4-piece set that includes:
    • 1 x Eyela
    • 1 x golden unicorn
    • 1 x magnetic saddle
    • 1 x sceptre
  • Eyela has a moveable arm and can do different kinds of poses
  • All figures and animal toys are modelled with close attention to detail and are intricately painted to offer educational value even during play
  • Created for imaginative pretend play as a single set or as part of other Schleich collections
  • Made with high-quality materials that pass international safety standards
  • Expand the fun with other Bayala figures such as the Mermaid Riding on Sea Unicorn, and Sera’s Magical Flower Boat (both sold separately)
  • Suitable for kids ages 5+ years
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 7 x 14.1 cm
  • Note: Contains inaccessible magnet. We recommend keeping away from magnetic-sensitive products, including medical devices and pacemakers.

Make playtime more magical with the Schleich Bayala Eyela Riding on Golden Unicorn Toy Figures.