Rusco Racing Shockwave Toy Boat in Red



Rusco Racing Shockwave Toy Boat in Red is a superfast radio-controlled toy watercraft travelling 25 km/hr.

Nothing can stop the Rusco Racing Shockwave Boat in Red when it comes to sailing in the water. This radio-controlled toy boat runs at a high 25 km/hr speed and works even on saltwater. The radio-controlled vehicle is ready to make waves with easy controls and 2.4Ghz for multi racers. It is equipped with a high-performance hull for extreme speed and has a dual cover system for water-tight construction.

The Rusco Racing Shockwave Boat comes with a 7.4V rechargeable pack and USB cord for instant play right out of the box. It also comes with an included stand for storage and display. Due to its powerful speed, this toy boat is suitable for kids ages 8 years and onwards.


  • The Rusco Racing Shockwave Boat includes:
    • Radio-controlled toy boat
    • 7.4V rechargeable pack
    • USB cord
    • 2.4G controller
    • Stand for storage
  • Superfast at 25 km/h
  • Double cover protection for sealed and watertight protection
  • Works on saltwater, but proper care is required to prevent corrosion
  • High performance with impressive speed
  • Available in Blue and Red
  • Dimensions: 39 x 12 x 28 cms
  • Recommended for kids ages 6 years and older

Prepare for an exhilarating water play with the speedy Rusco Racing Shockwave Boat in Red.