Rusco Racing RC 1:16 Subaru Impreza Toy Vehicle



Rusco Racing RC 1:16 Blue Subaru Impreza Toy Vehicle is driven by a 2.4G remote control, allowing kids to perform incredible stunts and drifts.

With 4 speed tires and 4 drift dedicated tires, kids will enjoy racing and drifting with the Rusco Racing RC 1:16 Subaru Impreza Toy Vehicle. This RC drift car has a 2.4G remote control, so kids can challenge other players without interference. Watch them do U-shaped and Figure 8 drifts, as well as other show-stopping stunts on the road.

Rusco is a producer of top-quality RC vehicles and is renowned for their quality and attention to detail. With a wide range, Rusco caters to the vehicle tastes of everyone, from street-speed demons to those more at home off-road.


  • Subaru Impreza is based on the powerful Japanese racing car from the Street GT Series.
  • The off-road body can handle rough terrain, but top speeds are attained on smoother surfaces racing your mates.
  • 2.4GHz frequency means you can buy multiple RC Super GT Race Cars, and they will race against each other with no issues.
  • Ready to race right out the box with batteries included.
  • This Subaru race car toy has a top speed of 15km/h.
  • Dimensions: 30 cm x 12 cm x 80 cm (approximate)
  • Suitable for kids ages 6+ years

Plan a fantastic afternoon of street racing with the Rusco Racing RC 1:16 Blue Subaru Impreza Toy Vehicle.