Risk – The Game of Strategic Conquest



Flex your strategic muscles with this game of conquest and war, Risk!

An iconic and challenging game of strategy, see your armies gather the world as their own as they destroy opponents in this game of strategic conquest. A must-have for any fan of creativity and strategic thinking. 

Hasbro is a producer of some of the most iconic toy and game franchises, such as Monopoly, Playskool, Nerf and Tonka. Renowned for quality and fun, you know you’re in good hands with Hasbro.


  • Suitable for ages 10+ and 2-5 players
  • Complete with an up to date political map for realistic, modern gameplay 
  • Settle in for a lengthy battle of world supremacy. 

Risk is a classic take on the strategy of war and diplomacy, and suited for those intrigued by the rules and strategies of warfare and peacekeeping. Engage at your own Risk!