Ravensburger The Bemused Bookseller 1000-Piece Puzzle



Ravensburger The Bemused Bookseller 1000-Piece Puzzle channels your child’s love for books!

Puzzle activities develop your child’s finger strength, problem-solving, and communication skills as your children solve and plan strategies to complete this 1000-piece puzzle that shows a scene in the Bound to Please Book Shop.

Let your children develop their skills as they help the owner of Bound to Please Book Shop to figure out the person to whom the hand-written letters hidden inside an old volume belong.  Discover if these are love letters as it comes along with Valentine’s card and flowers from an old bouquet. 

Explore different strategies to put the right pieces together to discover if the recipient lived happily ever after. This puzzle activity set includes 1000-pieces of cardboard jigsaw puzzles and colourful illustrations to enjoy with friends and family. 


  • The Bemused Bookseller 1000-Piece Puzzle by Ravensburger includes:
    • Strong premium grade cardboard
    • Linen finish print to minimize glare on puzzle image
    • 1000-pieces
    • Well-crafted illustrations
  • High-quality pieces that fit together easily make the process of completing the jigsaw a fun pastime.
  • Jigsaw puzzles are a terrific learning activity, developing pattern-matching skills, problem-solving and hand-eye coordination in children from a young age.
  • This product measures: 27cm x 37cm x 6cm
  • Finished puzzle: 70cm x 50cm
  • Suitable for children ages 12 years old and above

Develop your child’s skills as they complete the missing puzzle pieces to help the owner of the book shop in this Ravensburger The Bemused Bookseller 1000-Piece Puzzle.