Ravensburger The Auction 1000-Piece Puzzle



Ravensburger The Auction 1000-Piece Puzzle opens up to your family activity to the busy world of Auctions!

Introducing jigsaw puzzle activities to your children helps them exercise the left and right sides of the brain. Enhance your child’s memory and communication skills as they move, pick up and match these puzzle pieces that can show a busy day at an auction when completed.

Bring your family closer as you add this puzzle piece activity set to your game night and playtime. Assist your children in assembling these puzzle pieces where your children can complete the picture of a busy auction day showing people singing, playing instruments, and selling different items all in one place! 

This puzzle activity set includes high-quality 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles and well-crafted illustrations that your children and family can enjoy and relax in the world of puzzling.


  • The Auction 1000-Piece Puzzle by Ravensburger includes:
    • Premium grade cardboard
    • Linen finish to minimise glare on puzzle images
    • 1000-pieces
  • Eye-hand coordination while putting together puzzle pieces
  • Product dimensions: 27cm x 37cm x 6cm
  • Finished puzzle: 70cm x 50cm
  • Suitable for children ages 12 years old and up

Add more fun and challenge your children and family to exercise their minds and have fun playing with 1000-puzzle pieces. Move and pick up puzzles pieces in this Ravensburger The Auction 1000-Piece Puzzle.