Ravensburger Jaws Game



Ravensburger Jaws Game is an exciting tabletop board game that’s perfect for shark fans, families and classic strategy gamers.

Gather the players and team up to survive the shark that prowls through the waters around Amity Island. One player gets to play the villainous shark while other players work together as Hooper, Brady and Quint to pinpoint the creature’s location, save as many tourists as possible, and survive the attacks.

The gameplay has two acts to replicate the film’s story, the Amity Island and The Orca. In the Amity Island Act, players have to pinpoint the shark’s location and save swimmers. In the Orca Act found in the reverse side, the human characters have to survive the shark’s attacks while aboard a sinking ship.

The game ends when the shark is successfully killed or tagged with two barrels, or when it gets to eat nine swimmers. Whether the shark or the humans win is up to you and your team in this suspenseful game of wits.


  • Ravensburger Jaws Game is a strategy game that contains:
    • 1 double-sided game board
    • 3 human movers
    • 1 shark mover
    • 2 boat movers
    • 5 dice
    • 1 paper pad
    • 4 character boards
    • 8 boat pieces
    • 1 beach closed token
    • 3 resurface tokens
    • 3 target tokens
    • 5 barrel tokens
    • 16 swimmer tokens
    • Instructions
  • The 60-minute game is designed for 2 to 4 players.
  • Easy to follow instructions will have you playing the game right away.
  • Perfect for all occasions and a great gift for devoted Jaws fans and Shark lovers
  • Created by Ravensburger, a German company that has been making quality toys for more than 130 years
  • Recommended for strategists 12 years old and up
  • Dimensions: 27 x 6 x 27 cm

Can your team outsmart the Shark that’s prowling through the Amity Island’s waters? Find out with the Ravensburger Jaws Game