Ravensburger Beach Escape 1000-Piece Puzzle



Ravensburger Beach Escape 1000-Piece Puzzle invites your children on a trip to the beach!

Children enjoy the nature and beauty of the environment and are curious about the world around them. Spark creativity and ignite their imagination as they complete this unique beach trip puzzle set that they can play with their hands and eyes.

Let your children enhance their planning and decision-making skills as they fit the right puzzle pieces together to get a clear view of the beach. A beach trip will always light up any mood as you can see clear blue waters, fine trees, and white sand. 

Enhance your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they move, pick up, and fit the puzzle pieces together for a beach view. This puzzle activity set offers high-quality 1000-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzles and vibrant illustrations of the beach.


  • Beach Escape 1000-Piece Puzzle by Ravensburger includes:
    • Strong premium grade cardboard
    • Linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle images
    • Steel-cut pieces
    • Well-crafted illustrations
  • Hand-eye coordination to complete puzzle pieces together
  • Product dimensions: 27cm x 37cm x 6cm
  • Finished puzzle: 70cm x 50cm
  • Recommended age: Children ages 12 years old and up

Discover different strategies to complete the puzzle. Make family time and game night exciting and one-of-a-kind with this Ravensburger Beach Escape 1000-Piece Puzzle.